Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Britney Spears Ex Kevin Federline To Appear In Insurance Ad during ...

It’s not very often that the “famous for being famous” set touches down on the insurance world, but it did when Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.

Pet Insurance For Pampered Pets Posted By : Nicholas Hunt

As our pampered pets live longer and longer lives, the veterinary costs of keeping them healthy can grow rapidly. Find out why pet insurance might be an idea worth considering.

Expert: Expanded Insurance Coverage Possible

Iowa is in a good position to expand health insurance coverage to all residents, a national expert told legislators Wednesday.

Mortgage insurance

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State Reps Pass Insurance Reform Bill

The Florida House of Representatives has passed House Bill 1A. This multi-faceted bill is designed to hold the insurance industry accountable for the decisions made that affect Florida citizens.

Insurance Exchange

Forum: Cingular Wireless Users Posted By: Shizam76 Post Time: 01-17-2007 at 10:20 PM.

Compare Car Insurance

Geico has created a brochure called "Teens and Trucks" to teach teens how to safely share the road with big trucks. After everything we have gone through the past few months I think this is a great idea.

Array of interest groups unite behind a health insurance plan

WASHINGTON As advocacy groups, they are very influential but also very different.

Discount on home insurance?

A member asked me about the other ranges of insurance that AF offers, will he get discount on his home insurance etc as well as car insurance if he renews with AF? If so up to what discount is available per scheme? Thanks Ian.

The Nine Golden Rules of Motorhome Insurance

by Piers Crispin. Insurance for your motorhome is just as necessary as for your automobile. Dont forget, this is probably the second most valuable asset you have after your house.